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Painters Matching Their Paintings II

The Artist as Chameleon
It is said that artists are a mirror to society, creating work that reflects the times. To challenge that notion are these photos, evidence that artists are less reflective and more camouflage. Chameleon, they blend in with their work. Like the chameleon in the wild, they are difficult to spot in their natural environment, and share similar characteristics, such as a peaceful, gentle disposition and a habit of grasping sticks all day long.

After an extensive study, spanning a half decade, it's been determined that theses particular artists are behaving instinctively, and do not wake up in the morning intending to find the outfit that best blends with their art. They usually grab any old thing because they knew it may end up covered in pigment, and respond in a surprised manner when their behaviour is pointed out to them.

Canadian These particular artists can be found in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in and near Calgary, Alberta. It remains t…
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Painters Matching Their Paintings

There is a completely natural phenomenon that consistently occurs: People unknowingly wear clothes that match their paintings. Exactly what causes this, we don't really know. At the very least, it's a sure sign that the artwork is completely honest, either that, or we are super psychic and don't know it. This was not staged. This young lady, a beginning painter, already has a deep connection with her work. If I were a better photographer you would be able to see the lines through the middle of the colour wheel she is painting.
Nicki wears a Santa apron every session. Then one day.... One day, a painter donned an all green outfit, and went to art class to paint an all green painting with a bear in it that magically matched the colour of her hair.  The pattern on Barb's sweater perfectly matched the horizontal banding in the water on her painting.  I know right? A true geometric aficionado. Thank you artists! Every time I write a new post I grab The Oracle Book …