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Painters Matching Their Paintings

There is a completely natural phenomenon that consistently occurs: People unknowingly wear clothes that match their paintings. Exactly what causes this, we don't really know. At the very least, it's a sure sign that the artwork is completely honest, either that, or we are super psychic and don't know it. This was not staged. This young lady, a beginning painter, already has a deep connection with her work. If I were a better photographer you would be able to see the lines through the middle of the colour wheel she is painting.
Nicki wears a Santa apron every session. Then one day.... One day, a painter donned an all green outfit, and went to art class to paint an all green painting with a bear in it that magically matched the colour of her hair.  The pattern on Barb's sweater perfectly matched the horizontal banding in the water on her painting.  I know right? A true geometric aficionado. Thank you artists! Every time I write a new post I grab The Oracle Book …