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Painting Peace Park 2018

THE ADVENTURE BEGINS In the late spring of 2017 the invitation to participate in this one of a kind exhibition arrived. We were to paint both sides of the Peace Park - Waterton in Canada and Glacier National in America. In August 2018, the American and Canadian artists would exhibit the results at the Hockaday Museum, in Kalispell, Montana.

A year long good-kind-of-panic began.

WATERTON Beauvais Provincial Park is a favourite place to camp.

The cat loves it too.

Nan, Pop, Gary, Miss P, myself and the dog piled into the car for a day trip from Beauvais to Waterton, near the end of May.

 In Waterton, on the way up to Cameron Lake, the trees were gorgeous in the bright light.

Photographed from inside the moving car, little did we know that for us, these would be the last glimpses of this forest...
...before it burned in the devastating fires a few weeks later. As painful as it is to look at these photos, we are all grateful to have experienced their beauty first hand.
Once at the top, th…