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Bullish Visions

BUCKING HISTORY The Bulls by Erica Neumann
This series of six bucking bull oil paintings is more than abstract representations of raging bovines.

This is the culmination of over five years work on a theory that exposeses the mysteries of ancient art by connecting them to modern art through a shared human trait.

In understanding the trait and what it does to our perception, we can fully understand the mysteries of how cave drawings can be so complex, and why spirits so often appear in ancient works. The Bull paintings are modern examples of art using this shared trait during their creation.

SEEING IN CLOUDS We all know of this trait as it causes us to sometimes see shapes and figures in clouds or mountain contours, such as the sleeping buffalo mountain in Banff. These types of visions might appear to us on other textured surfaces, such as granite, marble, and woodgrain. I call these surfaces triggers, and the trait is referred to as Pareidolia.

PAREIDOLIA AND ART My idea explaining ho…